Pictured: Heretic Brick Box made by EPCC and designed by Stockholm 17

Playing cards today offer more art, more personalization, and more amazing takes on everything from history to video games – so it’s no surprise that more people are starting to get interested in collecting specific decks for their beauty alone or as a long-term hobby. The social distancing realities of 2020 have made it even easier to dig into a new type of collection (especially one that can be enjoyed with a small group of friends). If that’s something you’ve wondered about, here are several reasons now is a great time to start.

Today’s Custom Playing Cards Can Celebrate Anything You Want

More playing card art options are available today than ever before, thanks to more ambitious designs, better printing methods, and a ton of creativity. Browsing for high-end card decks can be a pastime all on its own, and we know more than one person that has sunk happy hours into checking out what more artistic decks have to offer.

Take one of our favorite designers, Jackson Robinson with Kings Wild Project, and the designs he creates: Decks like Legal Tender celebrate the history of United States currency in stunning form, and we’ve worked together on other incredible projects filled with detail and little tricks of the trade that you can share with friends. Playing cards can tell a story, and people find that pretty cool!

Playing Card Art Includes Some Real Masterpieces

Sure, art is pretty, but it’s amazing just how special some of today’s playing cards can become. The Robin Hood deck designed by Kings Wild Project is one of the best examples with flood foil and incredible 3D embossing on the limited edition tuck box. Additional holographic foils, cold foil printing, brilliant colors and photo-realistic recreations are all part of today’s collective cards. As we like to say, it’s okay to bring out a deck to play with but spend all your time just looking at it instead!

robin hood themed luxury playing cards pictured laying on top of old book

Displaying High-End Decks of Cards Is a Big Part of the Fun

Playing decks offer nearly limitless possibilities for display, depending on your space and what you have in mind. You can keep them in the box for a minimalistic, subtle display, or fan out your favorite cards to decorate a playing table or gaming room. We’ve even seen people buy collectible decks specifically to show off by framing them.

Oh, and if you’re worried about opening the deck for display purposes, some people absolutely choose to leave the deck sealed. Other serious collectors often buy two decks, one for display and one to keep sealed for value.

Some decks are a display in their own right, like the PIFF deck printed by EPCC featuring its own built in display stand!

custom playing cards with unique tuck design

Luxury Playing Cards are Durable and Long-Lasting

These cards are made to be used, so you don’t have to worry as much about protecting them. If your plans include breaking the cards in after you buy them, go for it! That’s something you can’t say about many collectibles and makes card collections more usable than ever.

Uncut Sheets Are Perfect Additional Opportunities for Decoration and Collecting

Finally, we want to point out that you can easily expand your collection beyond the deck itself with our uncut sheets, printed sheets made for cards during the production process. They make an excellent background for art or displays and can take important roles in a variety of projects if you’re feeling a little creative yourself! Check out the uncut sheets on the Kings Wild Project website for some gift ideas.

playing card art uncut sheet of playing cards