Do you know those little promotional tchotchkes that companies and brands like to give away at events? Yeah, the stuff that always ends up in the trash afterwards, or sits around collecting dust in a stuffed desk drawer: Bookmarks, little USB drives, pens, letter openers, etc. It’s all boring and generally useless at the “promotion” part of the job.

That’s why more brands are turning to more unique options as their business calling card, if you will, and a flourishing alternative is (you guessed) customized playing cards! At Expert Playing Card Co., we pride ourselves on working closely with clients on creating high-end, luxury playing decks printed on only the highest quality casino card stock. It’s an excellent recipe for a memorable promotional gift, an ideal fit for more exclusive events, or marking a particularly important time for the brand and its loyal followers. Just a few organizations that have used decks of promotional playing cards this way include:

  • Aerosmith created custom cards to celebrate a particularly special concert (and have licensed various lines of playing cards as time has gone on)

  • Franck Mueller (famed watch brand) had a custom deck printed to hand out at a particularly important trade show

  • British Airways sold a special deck onboard their planes to celebrate their 100th anniversary
  • Junkanoo Casino uses custom playing cards with company logo markings at their casinos
  • Dell has used playing cards to celebrate special releases
  • Microsoft has handed out playing cards to memorialize events and even given them to graduating interns

Other Reasons Promotional Playing Cards are A Great Pick

Still looking for more reasons to use branded playing cards as your next promotional item? Check out these advantages:

1. Designs can celebrate multiple things at once: With our high-quality designs and custom printing techniques such as die cut, hot or cold foil and spot UV, it’s easy to design a deck that celebrates more specific events or milestones, including two different brands at the same time, or a brand and a performer working together, etc.

2. Limited runs can increase the value: A limited printing means that no similar playing cards will ever be made. The people – from investors to students to wedding guests – who receive them will know that no one else gets a deck like they have.

3. They can fit nearly any industry: The wide array of design options for playing cards means the art can celebrate pretty much anything: Food, sports, business logos, menus, tickets, animals, special product lines – and whatever else the brand can imagine. Custom card creators can help work with your ideas to make cards that are beautiful as well as functional.

4. Re-orders are simple to place: While a limited run is fun, if a brand wants to order more decks for future events or trade shows, it’s very simple to place another order. The designs are also easy to save or can quickly be updated to celebrate a different year, model, or other detail while preserving what the brand liked about the original look.

5. They can be highly customer-focused: Playing cards are highly collectible and a great choice for brands that want to provide customers another way to enjoy what they love most about the business, whether that’s famous characters, different product models, or (which realtors have tried with success) even a portfolio of properties for sale. Add a little imagination, and a deck design can become a very useful branding tool!

If you’re looking for a high-end promotional item at an attractive price and quick turnaround, contact us today for a custom quote. We can help you think outside the box with your brand!