Cold Foil Decks

For those unfamiliar with the terminology – cold foil printing is an advanced method of applying metallic foil to card stock. Cold foil offers the amazing feature of being the underlying layer for printing – you can print on top of it. Through this unparalleled technique –  you can appear to have an infinite number of foil colors in the same design. Before there was cold foil on cards, there was hot foil on cards. EPCC was also the first to apply Hot Stamped Foil to playing cards. Although at the time revolutionary, it ultimately became a less precise approach to applying some of the more intricate designs to card stock. It didn’t take us long to realize that some designs were beyond the theoretical boundaries of Hot Foil.  To solve this issue, Expert researched the options – and became the first company to successfully manufacture cold foil playing cards back in 2017. Being the first to market – it goes without saying we have the most experience with this technique.