We create the highest quality custom playing cards at the best price. Bring us your vision and we will create it!

Past Projects

We have been lucky enough to have worked with many of the greatest designers and producers of playing cards including Kings Wild, Encarded, Steve Minty, Uusi, Lotrek, David Blaine, and Third Eye just to name a few!

deck of custom playing cards with 80s retro design
custom playing cards with special box for baha mar casino
robin hood themed deck of custom playing cards
vibrantly colored 80s style custom playing cards


Custom is what EPCC is all about. We have been instrumental in pushing the custom playing card industry forward by constantly trying new things. Beyond just customizing the artwork on your deck, we can also change the size and shape of the cards, make rough smooth decks, stripper decks, short card decks, and die cut the cards and tuck. 

Whatever your idea (or ideas!) we would love to explore the best way to execute your vision. We have done many special custom decks already we are always happy to be challenged by new and exciting projects.

Our Special Features

When we started making custom decks the special features were just how the tuck box was made. We have expanded what you can now do with both the tuck box and the cards themselves to areas never imagined a few years ago. 

Hot Foil on the CARDS

Hot Foil has been a feature of fancy tuck boxes for a long time but in 2012 we introduced hot stamped foil to playing card backs. Our skills have gone from a little foil to now being able to do amazingly intricate foil patterns on the back of your cards.

Spot UV on the cards

Spot UV coating has been a great feature in upscale printing for decades but we can now put this amazing feature on your card backs! It not only looks beautiful but you can actually feel it on the cards.

Cold foil on the backs

In 2017, after years of R&D we introduced decks printed with cold foil right on the cards. This amazing technology allows you to print ink on top of the foil and make as many colors come alive as you can imagine!

Any number of cards

Most manufacturers of playing cards either allow you to print 54 or 56 cards per deck. Here at Expert our standard deck is 54 cards but you can make your deck any number of cards you like. We’ve done 20 and we’ve done 80. You decide! 

Totally custom tucks

Do you want the tuck made of special stock? Maybe synthetic paper that is waterproof? We have hundreds of kinds of paper and can also make the tuck any special shape you want. Die cut a hole in it? No problem. Make a longer or shorter tuck flap? You got it.

Die cut the cards

You might even want a deck with a hole in each card. We have done it and can do it again!

Think outside the box

We have made many kinds of special boxes to be used in lieu of a tuck box. Slipcases, Neck and Shoulder boxes, boxes that look like books, we even did a box that played music when you opened it. What kind of box would you like?