An Uusi exclusive commission for Baha Mar Casino, “Junkanoo” is a playing card deck that pays homage to the storied, folk festival of the same name held every year in the Bahama’s by the local island residents.

Casinos are central to the economy and identity of these Bahama residents whose imaginative reinventions on the playing card theme weave throughout the “Junkanoo” parade.  Baha Mar is one of the largest casinos on the island of Nassau and a thrilled supporter of the artistry that takes center stage in this exuberant, local festival.  From the spirited patterns and colorful costumes of the Junkanoo dancers and musicians to the thrilling, larger- than-life floats, island pride comes together joyfully in this immersive, high-spirited celebration of local island community.

This First Edition Junkanoo playing card deck was printed as a Limited Edition of 1000 decks for the High-rollers, friends and patrons of the Baha Mar casino.  The casino has graciously shared 225 of these special decks with Uusi so we can make them available to our collectors, magicians, flourishers,  poker players and all who enjoy the artistry and beauty of rare, custom playing card decks.

“Junkanoo” playing cards reflect the beauty and creative abundance of this local community and truly embody the Baha Mar catchphrase, Life Spectacular.  Enjoy!!