Pollock Cardistry

Pollock took his canvas off the easel and placed it onto the floor and using ordinary house paint, he created extraordinary art, an approach mirrored in the way cardists take playing cards off the table and express themselves through sometimes seemingly impossible moves.

The POLLOCK tuck cases were printed with a 4-Color Process on a premium Matte Tuck material, and each will have a clear UV Spot Ink layer that will add a level of gloss in strategic locations.

The designs for each Tuck are meant to mimic the look of a Painting displayed in an Art Gallery. The descriptor card and red dot adds to the Gallery vibe. For many Art Galleries around the world, a red dot indicates that a Painting has been sold.   

The Back Card for the POLLOCK Cardistry Deck is made up of a more subdued version of the splatter painting artwork. To fit with the preference for most in the Cardistry world, the colors are broken down into two main color blocks – Light Blue and Yellow. Also included are strategic accents of Black splatter art that helps finish off the design. The Ace of Spade and Jokers also mimic a Painting in a Gallery setting. The semi-custom Face Cards and PIPS incorporate the same colors as the Back Card and Tuck – Light Blue, Yellow and Black.