Skull & Bones Embroidered

This deck of Skull & Bones was designed by Jackson Robinson and produced by Expert Playing Card Co. in an effort to make decks like the venerable old Stud and Jerrys brands, one with an amazingly pliant and soft stock and the other with a snappy, slick finish. The Stud Finish puts this among the softest professional quality cards on the market today and is perfect for cardistry, while the Jerry’s finish gives handlers the classic snap, much sought after for years!

The tuck is made of a Jet Black Soft Touch material that makes it both sturdy and beautiful. And here’s a first: an EMBROIDERED skull on the back of the tuck, dreamed up and executed by Lawrence Sullivan at Legends Playing Card Co.

Look for a new level of metallic inks as well: The golds are very gold and the faces are all metallic.