The Hive 2 Green

The Standard Edition Hive 2 Playing Card is designed and illustrated by Brendan Hong and produced by the famous Kings Wild Project. Hive 2 does a wonderful job in picking up where the original Hive decks left off. The style and design connects them without being the same.

This gorgeous deck features all new custom courts in Brendan’s signature style as well as custom pips, Jokers and Ace of Spades. The tuck and back design brings familiar elements from The Hive, but in a new and unique presentation. The tuck is a nice emerald green color on a matte paper stock, embellished with silver foil and embossing as well as a repeating interior tuck design of the “Flower Buds” featured in the corners of the back design.

Hive 2 was produced on Expert Playing Card Co’s Classic Finish.