Encarded Chancellor

Chancellor follows in the footsteps of Zenith. Inspired by a small detail on a century-old Bicycle card back, Chancellor grew into an incredibly detailed artwork, packing all of the experience and design innovations that Encarded has developed since our founding in 2011.

There were just 1000 decks of Chancellor printed. The Chancellor tuck is incredible, with thick matte black paper, two foils and large scale, incredibly detailed blind embossing. The deck is sealed with a beautiful metallic foil seal, individually numbered and carefully designed to integrate with the tuck design.

The card backs are printed on the same Master finish stock as Zenith and features FOUR metallic inks that intertwine into a detailed, “shadow bordered” back with subtle edge details and dimension. The faces are fully custom, with a dramatic court featuring beautiful detail and unique colorations.

Chancellor was available for pre-order exclusively through Encarded.com and is SOLD OUT. As with all Encarded projects, this deck will never be reprinted.