Lotus Tarot

After more than 3 years of diligent effort by Angie, Free-Tarot-Reading.net is delighted to announce the deck is now complete.

Modeled on the Rider Waite Smith deck, with major arcana influence from Paul Foster Case’s BOTA, this is a fully authentic esoteric deck that will require very little adaptation for readers who are familiar with popular Rider-Waite tarot concepts and symbolism.

Because this is a deck designed for actual day-to-day use, rather than a hobby/art collector’s deck, considerable effort was made to print the cards on the highest possible quality card stock. Manufactured by The Expert Playing Card Company using a special, proprietary finishing technique, the cards are sensuous to the touch, flexible and durable, a joy to shuffle, spread and deal, and won’t easily crease or fray at the edges. In fact, this deck should last about 5 times longer than those printed on standard quality card stock.