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Alonzo Felix


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Classic Gold

Jessica Hische

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Dark Ages



Hive v2




Sky Island


Evil Deck


Asi Wind, one of the finest living magicians, has created this deck from the bottom up to be perfect for performing magicians. In addition to other features this series uses our exclusive synthetic tuck material for a tuck that will last as long as the cards!

Classic Twins

A traditional style back design, these decks come packaged in an expanded tuck to hold both decks and was the first deck to introduce the Classic Finish.

52 Plus Joker

This deck was designed by Jackson Robinson especially for the 52 Plus Joker convention in 2014. In addition to a great use of metallic ink and foil on the cards, the deck is housed in a very sturdy slip case style box.

Les Printemps

A glorious deck of playing cards superlatively crafted in order to be presented as gifts at the wedding of Laurel Brandstetter and Ricky Smith on 14 November 2014.


In collaboration with Dan & Dave, PRIME is the first custom deck released by Art of Play. It was designed and illustrated by Ben Newman in the United Kingdom. Using only primary colors and simple shapes, this deck is striking and simple.

Royal Zen

A special version of the Zen deck with the Expert logo highlighted in silver foil on the back of each card.


The black version of our prototype Zen decks. They feature the master finish and fiery red foil on a sideways tuck.

Boardwalk by The Blue Crown

This excellent new deck is the latest in a series of world class original decks created by The Blue Crown and produced by The Expert Playing Card Co.

Hive by Kings Wild

The Hive is a new deck from Kings Wild designer Brendan Hong.  Expert Playing Card Co. is very pleased to be working closely with Jackson Robinson and Kings Wild and we are truly honored to have been able to produce this deck.

You can buy them at Kings Wild but they are very limited so act fast.


Shhhh! This special deck was produced by Microsoft just for one party where David Blaine performed.

Exquisite Blue

Expert Playing Card Co. Is very proud to have introduced our ground breaking Exquisite brand last year. This deck was the first to use our exclusive sideways tuck and because of the card stock and coating used this deck has quickly become a sensation among serious card handlers world wide.

The Exquisite brand originated in 1895 from The Union Playing Card Co. in New York with the “sideways tuck.”

The back design used on this deck however comes from the Art Nouveau period. Together, we think they compliment each other quite well.

Exquisite Red

The Red Exquisite is the most limited deck that Expert Playing Card as produced so far. Only 1000 produced and only 800 for sale. Each deck comes with a special limited edition Pack Jacket, an outer carrying case to protect your playing cards from wear and tear.

The back design in metallic red ink is the reverse of the Blue Exquisite deck.


Bold, simple, and elegant. Perfect for any application.

The NOC deck by the Blue Crown’s House of Playing Cards gets to the heart of the cards themselves and eliminates distractions. The deck has a striking back with a solid bar of color and a thin white border. This puts the emphasis on the work you do with the cards, not on the cards themselves.

The original NOC decks were released a few years ago and have become a true modern classic. Now with version 3 produced by the Expert Playing Card company NOC users can benefit from the fun and functional sideways tuck and superior fit and finish of these great cards.

Special features include a special reveal inside the tuck flap. A suit marking system and the soon to be classic sideways tuck.

Smith No.3

Smith No. 3 by The Expert Playing Card Co. is the latest and final installment of the Erdnase 1902 series. This deck features a repetitive pattern by Guy Hollingworth depicting illustrations from the The Expert at the Card Table by S.W. Erdnase.

The signature, of M.D. Smith, was carefully recreated from an old signed copy found in the Conjuring Arts Research Center’s private collection. The Ace of Spades has a rendering of Mr. Smith’s face and the tuck has a die cut hole so you can see Mr. Smith while the deck is closed.

Zen Pure

Coming soon from the Expert PCC is our new Zen Pure deck. A deck certain to become classic.


Expert Playing Card’s homage to Eugen Herrigel’s Zen in the Art of Archery is the basis of this amazing deck. Coming later this year.

Zenith Signature Series

The first deck in the Encarded Signature Series, Zenith is one of the rarest full releases in the world of modern playing cards. There are no other editions, no other box designs, no other colors and it won’t be printed again. Less than 1,000 sealed and individually numbered decks will be released.

Zenith is a dramatic re-imagining of the several commonly seen playing card themes: the black and white deck design, the central circular medallion motif, and borderless design. Zenith may be the only deck to combine such themes into such a cohesive and elegant package.

Zenith is housed in a special sideways opening tuck box made of elegant, thick matte black paper, adorned with amazingly detailed and vibrant holographic silver foil and sealed with a sequentially numbered seal (xxxx/1000) under the cellophane. The beauty of the sideways tuck also allows you to open the deck with one simple straight cut across the seal, preserving the appearance and detail of the seal when you have the deck closed.

Exquisite Bold

This colorful new deck from Expert Playing Card Co. sets a milestone in printing by incorporating foil directly on the playing card. You have to see it to believe it!

The deck itself is extremely limited. Less than 1,500 were printed as an experimental project to see if this new technique could even be achieved. The outcome is amazing but not perfect as the registration on the foil is sometimes off a few pixels. The cards however handle great! If you love collecting playing cards, this is a great opportunity to own a deck that will likely never be printed again.

The back design was inspired from an old deck in the mid-1800’s and recreated by hand exclusively for this limited edition release.

The sideways box, now a standard for The Expert Playing Card Co., was first introduced in 1895 by The Union Playing Card Co. Aside from looking better than the classic tuck used by other brands of cards we think this one makes for inserting and removing cards easier.

This deck is available exclusively from Art of Play

Global Titan Playing Cards

Global Titans are the premiere release of The Expert Playing Card Company. EPCC is committed to creating the best cards in the world for the best hands in the world.

Global Titans are an amazingly thin, flexible and workable deck manufactured and then finished by hand in Shanghai. In addition to the exceptionally fine quality of the cards themselves the packs come in a beautiful Art Nouveau tuck case that is both gold foil stamped as well as embossed.

These cards are limited and will not be reprinted.


Expert Porper Clip

The Expert Playing Card Company® introduces its first Porper Clip! These beautiful clips are custom sized, anodized in 5 stunning colors and engraved both inside and out.

Only ten of each color (Black, Gold, Silver, Red, and Blue) are available for sale. These extraordinary clips are strong and light and will protect your deck from warping. By keeping your decks flat and uniform, they will be ready for perfect handling. Additionally, the clip will keep your box from getting completely squashed when not in use!

These amazing clips are engineered for 54 cards of Master Finish (also works with retail USPCC stocks like Bicycle and Tally-Ho). Classic and Damask finish cards might be a little tight for this one, but fit great without jokers.

Kevlar Card Clip

A World First, a 100% real Kevlar Card Clip. It weighs only 1 oz (27 grams)!

Kevlar! That’s right, straight from the world of bulletproof vests*. Expert Playing Card Co. (EPCC) worked closely with Lawrence Sullivan and managed to pull off another world first. This beautiful clip is strong, stylish and really rare. We only have 15 and not sure if we will ever get more.

*We make no claims that this clip is bulletproof and strongly advise that the end user not shoot anything at it.

Carbon Clip V2.0

An updated and textured version of our Carbon Card Clip. It weighs only 1 oz (27 grams)!

Light as a feather and stronger than steel, Expert Playing Card Co. (EPCC) worked closely with Lawrence Sullivan to update our Carbon Fiber Card Clip. This beautiful clip is strong, stylish and really rare.

Titanium Card Clip

A World First, a 100% real Titanium Card Clip. It weighs only 1.4 oz (39.7 grams)!

Expert Playing Card Company® has collaborated with our friend Lawrence Sullivan and Legends Playing Card Company to develop something truly awe-inspiring: the world’s first completely Titanium Card Clip!

Discovered in 1791, titanium gets its name from the Titans of Greek mythology. It is astoundingly strong, featuring the highest strength-to-density ratio of any metallic element and is extremely corrosion resistant.

They are a lustrous yet understated grey color and sublimely light in weight. Crafting them to our specifications was quite a feat of engineering. They will protect your cards and keep them perfectly flat, despite a trim profile and light as a feather feel. They weigh in at just under one and a half ounces!

We have not had very many made due to the high cost involved, but we think that those that make the investment will have a card clip that will last many lifetimes and never fail.

Custom Card Boxes

We have the capability to print custom boxes for your decks in a wide variety of shapes and styles to hold any number of decks. The possibilities are endless!

Carbon Card Clip

Now for something completely different!
For the first time a 100% real Carbon Fiber clip!
This new stylish gem is the result of a three way collaboration with Lawrence Sullivan, David Blaine and the Expert Playing Card Company.
This ultra light and outrageously strong new clip is polished to a beautiful luster and will set you apart from the all the others.

Pack Jackets

A few months ago the Expert Playing Card Company released a revolutionary new product, the Pack Jacket. They have been a huge success and V-1 has nearly sold out already.

In response to such great interest, we created Pack Jacket V 2.0.

The new design replaces the elastic band closure with a tuck flap. Without the elastic you can stack more Pack Jackets together in a tidier way. They also take up less room in your pocket. In order for the new flap to be durable and dependable, EPCC developed a special coating for the Pack Jacket that is resistant to water and tearing. These new Jackets will last a long time and will look terrific while holding your favorite decks.


Luxury Card Boxes

Are you looking for something amazing and beautiful to hold your precious playing card collection? Expert Playing Card Co recognizes that the normal brick boxes that come when you buy a dozen decks of nice cards aren’t up to the quality of the cards they hold. Our solution is a heavy duty box that will hold a dozen or even 15 decks and not only keep them secure but also store them in great style. We’ve decorated both the lid and the inside of this 2 piece box with our signature playing card collage design. This design uses numerous back designs we’ve produced previously as well as designs that will come in the future.

These would also be a great way to wrap a gift other than cards. Just put the present inside, add some Conjuring Arts ribbon, and you are set to give!
We’ve produced only a small number of these and might not produce them again. Available in Red and Blue from Conjuring Arts!

Wrapping Paper

Wrap your gifts in style! We have used all of our original back designs that we’ve previously printed and also added some upcoming decks to the design! Our wrapping paper is printed on very nice heavy paper and, although it’s suitable for framing, it’s really designed and perfect for wrapping all your gifts! Available from Conjuring Arts.


The cover design is a wonderful collage of our exclusive playing cards, so your notebook will definitely never get confused with anyone else’s. Inside we’ve used a heavy grade of fine cream paper. In addition we’ve added two nice pockets in the back for keeping track of loose notes, a ribbon to keep your place, and an elastic closure to keep your notebook nice and secure. Available from Conjuring Arts.



Now You Have a Choice!

Expert Playing Card Co is excited to announce the kickstarter campaign from Ben Kolozsi.


If you want some of these amazing decks from EPCC sponsor it now at kickstarter!

You will love this deck.

image2 (1)

Lotrek’s VeneXiana Dark on

VeneXiana by Lotrek

Lotrek is one of the world’s great playing card designers, and VeneXiana, is his first deck with Expert Playing Card Co, is ground breaking. This deck is a must have for any serious collector.

Back this deck now or you you may miss the party! More details and to back the project go to

Evil deck and Good deck Live on


As you already know, Giovanni Meroni’s wonderful Evil deck has won the first ever Discourse Design Contest. This means this deck is in production and coming soon.

What you might not know is Giovanni has designed an excellent sister deck called Good! This is one of the inaugural decks on Along with it’s great design the Good deck will also feature special UV spot printing on the tuck. This amazing new feature from Expert Playing Card Co makes the words and images jump right off the tuck.

Back the Good deck now at

Erik Mana’s New EPCC Kickstarter Campaign. Sybil!



To many magicians and cardists and even some collectors, “Sybil” is synonymous to the famous card flourish that has become the basic foundation to many cardistry techniques today. It was the inspiration to the Oracle Cut created by Erik Mana when the Oracle deck was first launched. And you can see the Oracle Cut being performed in the Joker card of the Oracle deck.

But in ancient times oracles went by a different name…Sybil. Sybils were know as prophetess and were regularly sought out for divine advice. Playing cards too have divine elements and have been used in divination and magic for centuries, which is why the Oracle & Sybil decks will always have a special kinship in it’s design.

One of the most talked about elements of our original Silver Oracle was the combination of silver and black inks while incorporating the white ornamental flourish design. This combination of form and function gave a brilliant 3D effect when light reflected at a certain angle. It was an effect that we could have only hoped for during our design process, but when we saw the actual effect come alive, we knew we created something very special and unique.

Sybil brings that special silver 3D effect back with a more enhanced finish by EPCC and now it comes in gold and platinum. We also have new design elements from back to face to box. A completely new deck with the spirit of the original Oracle flowing in its vines.

 Go to Kickstarter and get this deck!!

An Amazing New Video from our Friends Bas John and Mike van der Burg!

Expert PCC is really pleased that we are now working with Bas John and Mike van der Burg as well as many other great cardists. Subscribe to our youtube channel and be the first to see some great video using Expert Playing Card Co cards.

Evil Deck by Giovanni Meroni WINS the Dicscourse Deck Design Contest!


Expert Playing Card is really pleased to announce that the members of the Discourse forum have chosen the Evil deck by Giovanni Meroni as it’s winner!

Giovanni has created a clever and new design.  We are actively working on the deck and it will be printed in the coming weeks. will be the first place you can buy this amazing new deck and it will be fulfilled by Kings Wild Fulfillment.


Evil Deck Prototype

With his attention to detail, theme and illustration skills Giovanni created a unique deck of cards and we’re proud to add it to our list of playing cards.
More information is coming soon!

Expert Playing Card Design Contest at the Discourse Forum

Expert Playing Card Company has teamed up with the to bring a new type of contest to the custom deck scene.

Designs will be accepted until July 1st and then the forum will decide the winner!

If your design gets chosen the Expert Playing Card Co will fund the entire print run of decks and send you 432 decks of your own design! That’s 36 bricks of cards of your own hard work… FREE!

Do you have an original idea for a deck? Are you ready to compete?

Submit your Design today!

Heretic Playing Cards – Now on Kickstarter!

Expert’s new friend Lorenzo has put up an oustanding Kickstarter campaign. We have the inside scoop and can tell you that if you are a serious collector you will want everything that is coming in this project. Really awesome work Lorenzo!

Heretic Playing Cards is a heresy in many ways. It’s based on alchemy and the hermetic world. Salt (for the Jacks), Sulfur (for the Queens) and Mercury (for the Kings) are the three basic ingredients of the alchemist.


Our Expertise

Who we are

Expert Playing Card Company® of New York City is a new project of the Conjuring Arts Research Center. Conjuring Arts has produced high quality playing cards for several years now and found it was time to share our knowledge and expertise with others by allowing others to print playing cards with us. Expert Playing Card company is now accepting orders from other designers and publishers.

All profits and proceeds raised by EPCC® flow through to Conjuring Arts which is a federally registered and authorized 501(c)3 non-profit organisation. All proceeds help our mission to preserve historical and culture material and to teach magic to those in need of empowerment.

We also work very closely with Lawrence Sullivan and his Legends Playing Card Company of Hong Kong. Lawrence has been instrumental in finding various resources and factories for cards and accessories and working with him is a great pleasure. If for any reason working with Expert Playing Card Company doesn’t work for you please consider working with Legends PCC.


Our philosophy

Expert Playing Card Company has researched playing cards from all possible angles. We have collected and studied antique playing cards and learned all that we can about how cards are produced in the past and today. Our primary goal is to create and produce the world’s finest performing playing cards.

We also recognize  that the design and production of playing card packaging is integral to meeting our customers’ demand for innovation. In this regard we can do all styles of tuck cases presently popular and we are also constantly striving to create new innovations in tuck cases and other packaging.

Our approach

In order to be the world leaders in both playing card performance as well as design innovation we have already, and continue to scour the earth for factories to work with. We have produced cards in multiple countries and using varying different techniques and factories. Our knowledge gained by working closely with different printers around the world puts us in a unique position.  Even though we believe the decks we produce today are the best currently produced anywhere in the world we are never satisfied and continue to explore and search for even new and greater techniques and materials to improve further our products.


Expert Playing Card Company® and EPCC® are registered trademarks of Conjuring Arts Research Center.


Custom decks are really what Expert Playing Card Co. is all about. Although at this time we are not publishing a price list we will happily give you a personalized quote for your deck. Please take a look at the basics and send us an email to The basics are:

  • Our minimum stand alone order is 1000 decks. If you have other projects with us we can consider doing special editions of as few as 500 decks.
  • We prefer artwork to be vector in Adobe Illustrator format with all fonts outlined. We can accept Photoshop files but any line art in .psd format will need to be 1200 dpi.
  • Art setup charges and physical proofs will be included in the cost of your decks. Our physical proofs are made on the same offset press that we use to produce your cards. We feel this is a huge advantage to custom order customers.
  • The printing plates and any custom tooling such as for foil stamping or embossing are charged separately. We do this so you can easily figure out how to economize and whether or not a special feature is worth the extra money.
  • We will help arrange shipping of your decks to you but you will be responsible for the shipping costs, insurance and any customs fees or import duties if your country charges them. In the U.S. there are no import duties on playing cards at this time.


TELEPHONE: 212-629-4702


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