Metropol Playing Cards: The NEXT Deck

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The Metropol NEXT deck is a completely custom deck of playing cards containing some familiar design elements from previous Metropol releases, while at the same time taking their original minimalist style in a whole new direction. Featuring signature Metropol design elements such as strong colours, and bold linework, the Metropol NEXT deck provides a glimpse into the future of the Metropol Playing Cards brand.

The Piff Deck!

Introducing The Piff the Magic Dragon Playing Cards, a completely custom totally badass deck of playing cards designed from the ground up to fulfill all your magical dragon desires.

Features you’ll find in this unique deck of playing cards include:

  • Brand new pips and indices
  • Custom back design
  • Custom court cards
  • Redesigned tuck box
  • Die-Cut Harbin Table Playing Cards
  • Custom Joker
  • 3 Gaff Cards for a special Piff magic trick


The Architect Deck

Designed from the ground up to resemble a blueprint, The Architect features a contemporary, refined back design filled with modern symbolism while reminiscent of more traditional, classic playing cards.

Jackson Robinson Kickstarts WASTELAND

Artistic playing cards illustrated by Jackson Robinson in collaboration with inXile Ent. inspired by the video game Wasteland 2.
Back Jackson’s amazing campaign now!

BRuT by Uusi

We are very excited to be producing a new set of decks by Uusi design.

One is a Tarot and the other is the matching Poker deck

Please back this campaign while you still can. All Uusi decks are very collectible and of the very finest quality.

Nouveau Playing Cards

Nouveau cards

NOUVEAU deck is inspired by the historical and mythological heroes and heroines traditionally featured in the French playing cards since the 16th century. As for the art style and design, we wanted to pay tribute to the philosophical and artistic trend Art nouveau, promoted and popularized in France in the late 19th century.

EPCC is really pleased with this campaign and we are really looking forward to producing these great decks.

Instagram Contest Concluded!


The Expert Playing Card Co. (@expertpcc) contest for the David Blaine Microsoft deck has concluded successfully! We had an amazing response and had to give out many extra prizes. Hope you don’t mind!

Congratulations to:

FIRST PLACE: @magic_orthodoxy
Prize: 1 David Blaine Microsoft Deck, 1 52 Plus Joker Proof Deck, and a never before available EPCC hat!

SECOND PLACE: @notaninstagram
Prize: 1 David Blaine Microsoft Deck, 1 Black/Gold Sky Island deck, and a never before available EPCC hat!

HONORABLE MENTIONS: @kingdeception, @finger_fix, @king_orhan, @magicencarta
Prize: 1 deck of Zen Pure Gold!

Thank you to everyone who participated. Please stay connected.

Instagram Contest


Post Great Pics/Vids Of Expert Playing Card Co. cards and Win an impossible to get David Blaine Microsoft Deck!

We will choose 2 winners and each gets a Blaine Microsoft deck!

Rules: Must be pictures/videos of Expert PCC decks (any decks we have produced, ever), you must follow @Expertpcc, photos must be tagged both #expertpcc and @expertpcc

We will decide based on a combination of three factors:

Best pictures/videos

Most pics/vids posted

Most cumulative likes

Winners will be announced on March 4th, 2015.


Saturn Playing Cards

Saturn Deck


Expert is truly proud to be producing Franky Morales’s amazing new deck. We promise this will be a sensational deck for cardistry, collecting or anything else you can do with cards.

Back this kickstarter now or you might miss out on this great deck.


Saturn Tuck

Gamesters by Whispering Imps!

This amazing deck is funding so fast we almost missed posting it before it fully funded! Back it now and get some incredibly great decks from Chris Chelko and Whispering Imps.